Saturday, April 10, 2010

Finally, a post!!

Ok, so trying to motivate myself to do little art projects or anything creative for that matter, by creating a blog journal hasn't been so successful. I've started a few projects, but haven't finished anything that I was comfortable sharing... till today. :)

Since I'm new to this whole blogging thing, I figured this post can also serve as a trial on how photos link, load, display, auto-thumbnail and re-size etc., here on blogger.

Anyways, I wanted to investigate further how to make a simple baby announcement to email, maybe print for those family members who really want something tangible. By the way, I'm about 34 weeks pregnant, thus the interest in a baby announcement. I've done a little web and print work, so I've got the basics, but what I really wanted was something scrapbooky with cute little graphics and textures that I didn't have to build from scratch.

What did I find? The world of Digital Scrapbooking. Wow, I knew people did it, but had no idea there was an entire community, industry and a market selling digital papers, elements and components. Of course I wanted to try it free and maybe a quick tutorial on how "it's done". When trying anything new, I like to get a general idea of the common or best practices. That's my... *anal*ytical side. :)

Here is what I found... drum roll for credits and a sincere thank you, please:

Scrapbook Gal's blog with this tutorial (to try at a later date), which then lead me to a wonderful selection of free for private use "kits" from, which then lead me to their own tutorials. I chose to try out this one, since I could follow along very closely with freebies from their own site. I even used some of the fonts suggested from

So, here it is, my long overdue first artsy posting and quick project:

I thought it would be a small work of traditional art, but hey, Pepe is a well deserving, extremely loved little dog. So I guess it is fitting that he is the center of my first posted project.

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