Monday, April 12, 2010

A long overdue project...

Ok, I have to admit, that I do have something else that I have been working on. My mom's website for her fantasy art dolls and other endeavors. I have been working on it, here and there, for almost a year. It has been a long haul, as I have been trying to create the site and assets from scratch, while teaching myself all the new fangled ways to do things and how to use a suite of Adobe CS4 products. I was still a little old school, coding direct in html with table layouts and later with FrontPage until sometime in late 2008 when my hubby purchased Adobe Design Premium CS4 for me. Sorry this has taken sooo long mom. :(

Anyways, it still has a lot more work. It currently is a bunch of holding pages, but at least the backbone is there. Content, here I come!

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