Friday, October 29, 2010

Another one down, or should I say up...

So, finally I have made a page and posted one of my mom's latest dolls, "Elven Granny".  I was really trying to get it and her three new feral creature Boogey Boys up before Halloween.  But running behind, as usual,  Baby V, Sean, and I had some vaccinations this week. So between the after effects of that and getting ready for Halloween, this week was toast and the week before I was down with a never ending cold.  Anyways,  here is at the very least the magical Elven Granny just barely before Halloween.

We'll see what tomorrow brings, maybe Boogey Boys can get done?  Then another new one she finished a week or two ago, then maybe some of her older ones for display.  Phew!  I have a lot of work to do on her site and I still have my own art projects I'm wishing and dreaming about.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Sherry the Bird Feeder on

Another beautiful elf doll, Sherry the Bird Feeder created by my mom awhile back is now up on her site. Woohoo, I think that makes 24 more to go! Oh, and a  brand new doll pending photos… so actually back to 25... :)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Another Update!

Yeah, more progress...  "Bird Boy" a feral creature doll, my mom made at a Wendy Froud workshop in July this year and "Flowers for Mrs. Claus" a holiday Santa Claus doll, have now been added to my mom's website.  Two more dolls down, twenty four more to go!

Here is a couple of pictures of the two beautiful dolls by my mom, the talented Paula O. Murphy.

Monday, October 4, 2010 Updates!

Among the few digital projects I completed in the last couple of days was to finally add a couple of dolls to my moms fantasy art doll gallery.  I added "Miss Frost" and "Message from the Ancients".
It took almost all day today, between taking care of Baby V and struggling with a css image placement problem.  After much ado, it was a simple typo in the code.  Which I would normally have caught sooner, but my "work station" is a balancing act, way back from the desk on the couch, so I can hold Vivian at the same time.  Making it very hard to focus and read the small code.  ... and what should have been a two hour job at most for me, took almost the entire day. Today was a good Baby V day too.

The good news, two dolls down.  The bad news, still a whopping twenty six to go and the number keeps getting bigger as my mom is turning out more dolls faster than I can currently keep up with!  Babies, gotta love em!

Anyway, here is a couple of pictures of the two beautiful dolls by my mom, the talented Paula O. Murphy.

Pepe's Russian River Scrapbook Page

I'm starting to get a little more of a handle on this whole mommy thing.  However, even with my best laid plans my days never go that way. But the last couple of days, I have been able to get a few small digital projects done. Yeah!  Including this one.  The next scrapbook page of Pepe's adventures.  One of our earlier Russian River Canoeing trips way back in May 2007.  He's sooo handsome!  My husband is too.  :)

Looking at my first trial here,  I see some definite improvement.  I do recall, however, spending more time on learning how to convert one of the button flower elements into a brush.  Which was really cool to do, unfortunately it has been so long I don't remember how I did it.  I think I may go back and touch it up or start all over.  Ha!  Anyways, the digital scrapbook kits used in this piece were downloaded for free from  Computer Scrapbook.  I still can't believe how many digital kits they have up for free.  There weren't any TOU's on this particular design, so I don't know who to credit.  Thanks to whom ever it was, teals are my fav!

While I was trying to confirm what the proper file size and resolution should be on a standard digital scrapbook page, I found a new way to mask from a tutorial .  I have never done a mask like that before, it may be simpler too.  If you check out the first video you  recognize the 3" square paper blocks I was inspired to try out.  That is actually how the whole page got started.  Before I knew it I had a whole page done, while baby Vivian slept and played on my lap.

Vivian's Birth Announcement

So, I finished Vivian's birth announcement before she was born with a place holder for her pending photo shoot.  This way it would be easy for my husband, Sean, to add in the picture at the hospital and just email it out as soon as we could on the big day.

It has taken awhile to get around to do more than email it about though.  You know, my first newborn and all.  I'm a complete newbie, and she is a handful!  :)  Recently, we had it printed on 5"x7"postcards to mail out.  At that point, I added a backside to the card, since the cost difference was very little.  Why not make use of the space, right? 

I had a lot of fun doing them and enjoyed using the beautiful scrapbook digital kit and element designs by Carrie Stephens, I downloaded for free from ShabbyPrincess.

Ah, isn't she cute!