Monday, October 4, 2010 Updates!

Among the few digital projects I completed in the last couple of days was to finally add a couple of dolls to my moms fantasy art doll gallery.  I added "Miss Frost" and "Message from the Ancients".
It took almost all day today, between taking care of Baby V and struggling with a css image placement problem.  After much ado, it was a simple typo in the code.  Which I would normally have caught sooner, but my "work station" is a balancing act, way back from the desk on the couch, so I can hold Vivian at the same time.  Making it very hard to focus and read the small code.  ... and what should have been a two hour job at most for me, took almost the entire day. Today was a good Baby V day too.

The good news, two dolls down.  The bad news, still a whopping twenty six to go and the number keeps getting bigger as my mom is turning out more dolls faster than I can currently keep up with!  Babies, gotta love em!

Anyway, here is a couple of pictures of the two beautiful dolls by my mom, the talented Paula O. Murphy.

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