Monday, October 4, 2010

Vivian's Birth Announcement

So, I finished Vivian's birth announcement before she was born with a place holder for her pending photo shoot.  This way it would be easy for my husband, Sean, to add in the picture at the hospital and just email it out as soon as we could on the big day.

It has taken awhile to get around to do more than email it about though.  You know, my first newborn and all.  I'm a complete newbie, and she is a handful!  :)  Recently, we had it printed on 5"x7"postcards to mail out.  At that point, I added a backside to the card, since the cost difference was very little.  Why not make use of the space, right? 

I had a lot of fun doing them and enjoyed using the beautiful scrapbook digital kit and element designs by Carrie Stephens, I downloaded for free from ShabbyPrincess.

Ah, isn't she cute!

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