Monday, December 13, 2010

Still Life Practice Project

OK, so it has taken me forever to post this.  I posted it over on my Deviantart account awhile ago.  I keep meaning to spend some quality time to write up a little bit about the process and my original intentions for these finished pieces.   But I'm just not feeling it anymore, as this project has been complete for so long now.  So here they are in order of size...


This is part of a small still life series I created as a gift for my husband. The series was also intended to help me "brush up" my skills. Going back to basic still life was a good exercise for me.

Medium: Watercolor on yupo paper

Size: Two 2.5"x3" ACEO/ATC, Three 3.5"x5", and one 5"x7" and the concept sketches on 8.5"11" sketch paper
Reference: Found objects

It's an Etsy Thing...

So, I'm still a little behind on creating web pages for all of my moms art dolls, but I did help her set up an Etsy shop.  I've wanted to get one up for myself for a long time, I just don't have anything to put on it yet.
 Anyways, my mom, Paula now has an Etsy shop. In order to get a feel for how her new Etsy shop works and to join in on the holiday festivities, Paula has made some fun handmade pins. The pins feature one of her favorite characters, Santa Claus. Go check these jolly fellows out. Whenever she takes these little guys to the local Art Center or the annual Christmas Boutique, they sell out quickly.

As soon as we get some general shop policies established, her available art dolls will make an appearance too. So stay tuned, for a quicker and easier way to purchase Paula’s dolls.

Also, Paula is currently working on the finishing touches of an all new Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus doll duo. I got a sneak peak over Thanksgiving and can’t wait to see the final results.

Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for a Wonderful New Year!